When we think about riding our racing bikes, we think of our healthy outdoor lifestyles. And while a cold beer after a ride is certainly pleasant, a lager especially brewed for cyclists is a bit odd. Welcome to À Bloc: the odd one out.

The combination between bike racing and beer has often been made. And let’s be honest, if you’ve finished a long day in the saddle, then there’s nothing quite like sitting at a café terrace in the sun and downing a cold one. Raising a glass with friends is the ultimate reward for our hard labour. But a beer especially brewed for cyclists? We think that’s a little bit strange. But it exists: À Bloc is a blonde lager which was born in the Netherlands, but is now available at various locations around the world. The name takes the French bike racing expression meaning “riding at full gas”.

Tasty & Fresh

According to its inventors, À Bloc is a tasty and fresh blonde lager which is unfiltered, giving it a rich taste. There is a secret ingredient, of course, which is mysterious minerals from the Alps. Also, the alcohol percentage of 4.9% makes it not too strong. Which is a good thing, as after rewarding ourselves at the café we still have to ride home.

The story behing À Bloc begins in the Dutch town of Hilversum, at local small-scale brewer Gooische Bierbrouwerij. After a successful launch in Holland, the À Bloc team made contact with brewers in the UK, Australia and South Africa. They joined the club, as it were, and now À Bloc can be enjoyed in all these places. You can also order it online and get it direct from Wesharetheride.com, in either bottles or cans. The site also includes a list of pubs and cafés where you can order the beer “live”.

So, next time you finish a cyclo or a tour or simply fancy a night out with your cycling mates to exchange tales of derring do on two wheels, perhaps this brew might just make the evening more interesting — in moderation, of course!