Admit it, you’ve always wanted one: a giant shell to keep your beautiful bike safe and sound. So stop dreaming! One of the more creative bike storage makers out there has produced a really good-looking and original vélohome called the Alpen Bike Capsule. It is made from “virtually indestructible roto-moulded polyethylene” and has an integrated lock. This is certainly a bike home for the well-to-do, especially as it costs the same price as a budget bike itself.

Looking a little like a dinosaur beak, or a huge plastic nautilus shell, the Alpen Bike Capsule is certainly original. We hope that our local car park will set up a series of them, like in the photo below, to provide secure storage for those of us who regularly commute on our pride and joy.

Although we suspect the Alpen is not quite in full production yet, you can pre-order these beauties for €899 from Alpenstorage. Check this video by the inventor himself, Eric Pearson, who wanted to create bicycle storage that wasn’t ugly.