Dutchman Alain Buffing is giving the Ampler e-bike a good test: he’s riding 800 kilometres from Amsterdam to Berlin on it. He is fit and healthy, but has no previous cycling training. Alain runs a nutrition company called The Temple, so he should be able to feed himself well on the journey.

Buffing with his Ampler e-bike. Cool bike, but, er, where’s the battery?

“Travel, food and sports are the three biggest passions in my life,” explains Alain. “With this challenge I have the opportunity to spread the word about clean energy, physical exercise and healthy nutrition.” As the organisers admit, it would only take 6 hours to cover this distance by car, but he will emit 12 times less CO2.

Alain is riding the Ampler Stout, which is a modern commuter bicycle with a range of about 70 kilometres. The bicycle can be regulated through the Ampler smartphone app. It’s pretty neat too as, from the outside, you really can’t see that this is an E-bike.

You can relive Alain’s journey with his event page. He hit some bad weather, but soldiered on.