Have you just completed an impressive ride and want to share it with your friends? A straightforward image of a route map won’t cut it on social media these days. But with Relive, even your most boring rides are presented in an interesting way.


You’ve probably guessed already: Relive is a new way of showing your rides. Although the app itself can record your rides, the developers at Relive seem to realise that you may already own sufficient hardware. Instead of trying to compete with Strava or Garmin Connect, therefore, they embrace them. Once you’ve given Relive access to the platform that you normally use to upload your rides, Relive then generates a cool animated presentation.

Coolest rides in one overview

Your most recent rides come in the form of memories in the ride overview. If you want to generate an animated map of the ride, you first have to select it. Once you’ve done that, it can take a few minutes to generate the animation, especially if it was a long ride. Once the video has been generated, you can share it through social media. Videos are automatically deleted from the app after a few weeks, unless you tag them as favourites.

Rides that are ready to be converted appear in your feed

The videos of your rides include photos you made along the way (if you grant Relive access to your photos) as well as data such as total distance, metres climbed, maximum speed, and maximum heart rate. In short, all the information you need to impress your friends.