Quite a few cyclists will have scratched their heads when they heard the news: the Dutch police are going to keep a very sharp eye on whether or not cyclists have their mobile phones in their hands. And cyclists who get caught can expect a €95 fine. Now, for that amount of money, you could buy something really nice. But smart people are investing in an attachment that will allow them to follow Google Maps without being pulled over by the boys in bluea—and without being fined!

A small investment

There’s a small chance that you will be caught red-handed while cycling, but the risk is nevertheless quite high. Do you regularly consult your phone while on the bike? Then it might be a good idea to invest in a handlebar holder for your smartphone. And although it may not sound sexy, there are quite a few cool products on the market these days. So, high time to check out how you can spend that money!

Boete fietsen smarpthone

From July 1, 2019 onwards, this is illegal in the Netherlands. Photograph: Getty Images.


Rokform is an American company specialised in letting you use your smartphone safely wherever you are. This strong case is drop-proof and robust, but offers more that just protection. On the rear of the case the combination of a strong magnet and a slot mean that you can attach your smartphone to a series of specially-developed clamps. Each clamp has its own application—naturally there are a number of clamp styles for your (racing) bike. These keep your phone in sight, without you having to hold your phone in your hand. The cases are available for all the recent models of smartphone. But this system is not only for your bicycle. Do you use your phone as a navigation aid in the car? Rokform has clamps for that. The combination of a case, plus a clamp, costs only a little bit more than one fine.


The Rokform case together with the Pro Series Bike Mount.

Quadlock—more for less

If you want a similar, but less expensive, system you might want to take a look at Quadlock. By employing different materials and design, the smartphone case is less bulky than the Rokform. The Quadlock system also doesn’t use a magnet, although we cannot imagine many scenarios where you would actually miss that.

Quadlock therefore offers more for less: when you order the system you also receive a free so-called poncho for your phone. This will protect your device from the heaviest rain. In addition, the price also includes the mount for your handlebar stem. And all that for €70.

Quadlock also offers a variety of mounts. These include one for attaching your phone directly to the handlebars, or to your car’s dashboard, or motorcycle, or even your desk. Plenty of possibilities that comprise a convincing system.

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