At the end of May we wrote about Banana Cycling—a Dutch cycle clothing brand. With the launch of their Pro Series, the company, thanks to Kickstarter, brought aerodynamic clothing to the market at a reasonable price. And they have been busy ever since. During the Dutch Design Week they presented this new and unique kit.

Moving artwork

Launching a unique kit is not an easy task nowadays. Almost everything has been thought of already and brought into the market. But we haven’t seen cycling clothing linked to the art world yet. And that’s the niche that Banana Cycling are defining with their designs.

Art Series

During Dutch Design Week, Banana Cycling presented the first kit of the new Banana Art Series. Banana collaborated with the Eindhoven-based artist Jordie Rovers. This kit can be viewed free of charge during the entire Design Week, and can be pre-ordered in Banana Cycling’s webshop from Monday the 29th of October. For € 275,- you will receive the unique kit (jersey, bibshort, and socks) in early 2019. In addition, your package will come with the accompanying artwork screen-printed and signed by the artist.

If we believe the company behind the successful Kickstarter campaign, this is just the beginning of the so-called Banana Art Series. The company want to expand the collaboration with multiple local artists. And the artists are given free rein to design the clothing.

The idea for the Art Series originated from the love the cycling designers have for art. By entering into collaboration with local artists, the designers at the company hope to bring the world of cycling and art closer together. With the outlandish designs and striking colours, they also hope their unique new kits will make the cycling community smile when they suit up to go for a ride.