You can never have too much kit. (Ideally, though, you at least own one complete kit where everything matches, and even matches the colour of your bike frame.) With a growing number of brands competing for your hard earned cash, there is enough variety out there to match every taste, every colour and every budget. The clothing itself, however, comes from a mix of up-and-coming startups to long-standing reputable brands, so the difference in quality can be quite distinct. The clothing can therefore require some testing to evaluate. So, for this article we take a women’s clothing line from BBB Cycling, the Omnium series, out onto the road.

Omnium series

Men have no shortage of options for cycling apparel, but the the choices for women are still disappointing. The number of women getting stoked on cycling is growing daily and this demographic is slowly becoming interesting for brands. This was the case with BBB Cycling, and their launch of the Omnium line for women. Although they have only released the one line for women so far, different colour combinations allow some freedom of choice.

Looking pro

Although the choice comes down to colours, it still made a world of difference in appearance. Our female tester dug the minimalist, professional look of each jersey in the range. Quality, however, still remained of paramount importance—BBB Cycling is aware of that. The fabric of the Omnium series is made of polyester, which ensures a tight fit. To keep form while cycling, lycra has also been incorporated into the ends of the sleeves. These elastic details keep everything neatly in place. In addition, the bottom edge of the jersey consists of an anti-slip line of silicone. This means that the three pockets on the back are always within reach and usable.

Polyester is known for its durability, and because it absorbs little moisture—characteristics you are looking for in sportswear. To prevent the jersey from becoming too hot at higher temperatures, however, BBB has incorporated a piece of breathable mesh fabric on each flank. This makes wearing the jersey pleasant, even during those hot summer days.

Designed for women

Most cycling shorts have braces, but the Omnium line shorts (there is a regular short and a 3/4 short in this series) have been specially designed for the female body. I.e. without braces. Instead, a soft elastic band around the stomach keeps the shorts from sagging. It was a concept in which we initially had doubts, but turned out to work perfectly. The shorts stay the whole ride as they should, without causing neither discomfort nor pinching around the midsection.

Just as important in cycling shorts is the quality of the chamois—especially during longer rides it is crucial to wear shorts that have a good chamois. And the pad in the Omnium series makes you feel like you’re sitting on clouds; so comfortable! It will surely pay off in the long run.

The matching gloves complete the look. However, don’t expect the gloves to fully protect your palms. The fine padding added there to protect the palm during crashes really only helps with rough vibrations during the ride.

The verdict

We have, in our search for the perfect cycling kit, never encountered faultless cycling apparel. This goes for the Omnium series too. For example, the elastic seams of the jersey in some places move around due to the tight fit, making the colour more vague here and there. Furthermore, the legs are held in place by an elastic band that is less comfortable than the wide strip of rubber as we find in other models. And the chamois is perhaps a bit too padded, which comes at the expense of connection with the bike.

Making the perfect cycling kit is almost impossible but it remains a matter of personal preferences. As far as we are concerned, our criticisms are not insurmountable. The Omnium line offers a very complete set for the female cyclist who is looking for a comfortable outfit that exudes pro style.

Care to find out where you can buy this kit? Check this link for more information.