The cycling community lost some lively personalities with the retirement of figureheads like Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso. Although, since Contador is now a commentator on Spanish TV, he’ll never be far from the travelling circus. And there’s no reason to be sad about Basso either, for the two have joined forces and will soon launch their own line of products onto the market. For cyclists, of course.

When a product is created by ex-pro cyclists, you can expect a name that acknowledges the rich history of the sport. And these two ex-pros do not disappoint with Bend 36, a reference to the victory of Fausto Coppi of the 36th Giro d’Italia, when he made the difference on the 36 turns of the heroic Stelvio Pass. And for anyone who is planning to ride this pass (or any other challenging ride), it may be an interesting product to research: the gels are ideal for people taking long rides on the saddle.


The products are divided into two categories: pre- and post-ride. The first category is meant to be used before you start out, and are meant to prevent irritation and other annoying aches and pains. The Chamois Cream, which comes in a male and a female version, works well against saddle pain. Or, as the description reads: “A pre-ride cream that prevents friction and thus irritation of the sensitive parts”. There is also a Pro Endurance Gel, which prevents the lactic acid from getting into your muscles when you reach the top of the Stelvio.


Where the pre-ride products mainly prevent pain during the ride, the post-ride products (you guessed it) help you manage afterwards. The Light Legs Gel, once applied, gives relief to tired and swollen legs; the Relief Gel softens chafed and red skin, around the groin area; and the Toning Gel can be used both before and after a ride, and supposedly helps to “shape your body”. What they mean by that exactly remains a mystery to us.

Doping Free

The two former professionals know better than anyone that you need to be careful with products and be wary of what they are made from. So, to put your mind at ease, all Bend 36 products have been tested and declared doping-free. So you can use as much saddle cream as you want without worrying about testing positive! Awesome!

Last but not least, the company created a product to combat (sweaty) cycling clothing: a cleaning agent that hides odours and kills bacteria, without compromising the performance of the clothing. Unfortunately, the products aren’t yet available and we have no idea how much they will cost, but if you would like stay informed, please register here.