A racing bike with lights is almost as rare as a racing bike with a bell, but that shouldn’t be the case, of course. Every cyclist who isn’t racing should have his or her basic equipment in order. Especially when it comes to safety. And while bike lights are generally a simple technology, Japan-based CatEye has come up with an interesting new range that greatly adds to the safety of bike riders: the CatEyeSYNC range.

One flick of a switch

Thanks to the accompanying app, you can link together all lights in the range through your smartphone. Once linked to the app, you can give each light its own individual setting. But the most interesting feature of this particular set-up is the synchronisation feature. Once all the lights are linked through the app, you can choose to synchronise all the lights. This means that if you turn one light on, all the rest come on automatically, in the setting which you have already specified.

Brake lights

And there’s more. The newest range of SYNC lights, called the Kinetic series, include accelerometers in the rear lights. This means that the lights themselves detect speed differences. The lights don’t change at all if you go faster, but they do if you slow down. The lights in the Kinetic series shine even more brightly when you brake. This means they literally work like a brake light. Whether or not other road users will recognise this as such, however, remains to be seen.

Brake lights on a bicycle: not something you would have thought possible. But when it comes to visibility, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s certainly worth having lights on your racing bike, especially if you’re riding at the crack of dawn or around sundown. And the smarter you prepare, the better you’ll fare.