As a Dutch cyclist, you need to have a few things. For example, if you ride faster than a group of students (who are cycling three-students wide), then a bell is very useful. If you want to ride in the evening, good lighting is, of course, a must-have. And lastly, you have to lock your bike no matter where you go. In the field of bike locks, there are a bunch of options. If you think it’s important to have an unbreakable lock without it weighing you down, then the Litelok Silver may be the right choice.

The Litelok Silver

The Litelok Silver has (at the time of writing) a Kickstarter campaign running, where the maker has already achieved his goals. In other words: this lock will soon be on the market. I can already hear you thinking, though, what makes this locks different from all other locks?


According to the designer, the lock’s prowess is a combination of low-weight, ease of use, and safety. The Litelok Silver comes in three versions, with the smallest product only 52cm long and weighs 630g. So not much! The largest model is 85cm long and weighs in at 830g.

Litelok Silver

You can use the lightweight bike lock as belt as well

Of course, you may choose to attach the lock to your bike, but according to the designer, the Litelok can also be worn as a belt. It’s lightweight, so it won’t feel heavy around your waist. Although we wonder what someone’s white pants (see photo) will look like once removed?

When you use it to lock your bike to a permanent fixture, the lock will be strong enough to protect your bike from theft. The lock cannot be broken, and if you wanted to cut it you would need a lot of power. In addition, the lock is flexible, so you can easily attach your bike to an unusual object, like a tree.

Litelok 2.0

Although it can happen that a successful Kickstarter campaign might actually fail after the product is released, we have good hope for this bike lock. It is an improved version of a previously successful campaign, and this new product was redesigned after a lot of feedback from the cycling community. That gives us hope.

The cheapest lock costs about €68 and should be delivered around the February next year.