When you need to hit the paincave you want a work out that will provide you with a lot of diverse challenges. Bkool is a tool that gives you really unique work out options. This software allows you to virtually ride in different races based on real routes and locations, enabling you to come one step closer to the life of a professional. But perhaps more importantly: it provides variety. As you watch the Vuelta a EspaƱa and see the riders in different stages, you can actually challenge yourself to work out to the exact same virtual route through Bkool.

The Vuelta on Bkool

Thanks to the latest update you can simulate different stages from the Vuelta route while you are riding an indoor trainer. There are four stages, which are generated by GPX data. You begin with the prologue course, which is exactly 8 kilometers, but you have options to make longer stages. You start in the ninth stage, which runs from Talavera de la Reina to La Covatilla.

Bkool Vuelta

The program also takes you on the fifteenth stage route, where it simulates a ride from Ribera de Arriba to Lagos de Covadonga, as well as the seventeenth stage from Getxo to Monte Oiz. Nice stages, with plenty of a challenge. Fortunately, the developers of Bkool have not given us the option to try out the 20th stage of the Vuelta. This majestic ride is already terrifying for the peloton, let alone for the less experienced among us.

Perform and win!

Another great feature is that you can compare how well you performed against the stage rankings of other riders. Bkool also offers a bonus program, where you can enter contests and win actual prizes from sponsors. For example, they have a partnership with Cofidis, where after you finish the entire stage six route you can win a team shirt.

Challenges will also be issued for the twelfth and eighteenth stages, but they haven’t announced the prize yet.