The Bontrager Bat Cage is one of Trek’s most long standing products. Launched in 1997, it has been on the market pretty much ever since. But now it is also hopefully doing some good above and beyond holding your precious bidons. The latest iteration of the veteran bottle cage is made from old fishing nets “that could otherwise pollute our oceans”.

Bontrager Bat Cage

Bontrager is Trek’s accessory brand. The new bat cage has come into existence through Trek’s partnership with Kickstarter recycling company Bureo, which also makes skateboard decks from recycled fishing nets. Bureo is working together with a group of companies called NextWave. This consortium includes Dell, GM, HP and Trek, among others. NextWave member companies are “establishing ocean-bound plastics as a commodity to decrease the volume of plastic waste before it enters the ocean”.

Small, but swings a big door

“Bat Cage may be a small product,” said Justin Henkel, Trek’s Director of Product for Saddles and Essentials. “But it’s a little hinge that swings a big door. This year alone it will put almost 1,750kg of discarded fishing nets to good use. That’s making a real difference, and Bat Cage is just the beginning.”

Bontrager Bat Cage

There’s something fishy about this Bat Cage…

Trek is selling the new recycled plastic Bontrager Bat Cage for US$14.99.

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