Biking into nature and pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere can be a wonderful adventure. The only challenge, however, is to find a way to bring all of the gear you need along with you on your bike. Fortunately, now there are various lightweight bags and satchels, but a backpack can become annoying after a few hours of cycling. The Burley Coho XC solves all of these problems. It is a compact trailer for your bike that will meet all of your needs.

The Burley Coho XC

You can connect the Burley Coho XC onto the back of your bicycle wheel and then simply cycle as you would normally. If you believe the video below, it doesn’t matter what type of road you might ride on because the Burley Coho XC will trail behind you effortlessly.

The trailer has a lot of storage space, so you can take with you enough supplies and any spare clothing in addition to your tent. That way you can easily ride around for a few hours, and then stop wherever you want to spend a beautiful night. In total, you get about seventy litres of space in the back. You can also attach bidons and other accessories onto the outside of the trailer.

Burley Coho XC

The Burley Coho XC works in a user-friendly way and you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect it from your bike.

Burley Coho XC

If you want to get one yourself, you can buy one here here. Unfortunately, it’s not a cheap piece of kit: it’s almost 500 euros. And if you want to ride with your partner, that’s 1000 for two. If you use a lot, however, you can practically go anywhere.