Lovers of Campagnolo listen up! This Italian cycling outfit has been battling for years with Japanese brand Shimano for pride of place on new bike models. Shimano appears to be winning the battle in Europe, but many tifosi (fans) swear by Campagnolo. And there’s now a new product which they can add to their collections: a water bottle. In aluminium.

Campagnolo Vintage Aluminium Bottle

So, no, we’re not talking about a traditional bidon for your racing bike frame. This Campagnolo Vintage Aluminium Bottle is for carrying water off the bike—although this can’t be entirely separated from our performance on two wheels. It’s important for cyclists to remain hydrated at all times, and especially when we are preparing for an important race or another challenge. The better the balance in our so-called human motor, the better we can perform.

Campagnolo Vintage Bottle

Passion for cycling

Although this 600ml bottle was not specifically designed for a bidon holder, it does look suspiciously like the Eroica Alu made by Elite. That particular vintage-style bottle has it’s own custom-designed cage for using on the handlebars, which could be handy for the Eroica cyclosportive event. If you don’t have that particular bottle cage at your disposal, though, this Campagnolo wanna-have is still an excellent way of displaying your passion for all things cycling. It’s a nice way for us office workers to carry our (nowadays mandatory) water in as we walk to the ping-pong table. Although we do wonder how advisable it is to carry this bottle, full of water, in the same bag as your expensive laptop, the bottle is stoppered by a rather traditional-looking cork. Dare to take the risk? You can order this handsome gadget here for €38.90.


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