German manufacturer Canyon is known for having a unique approach. For example, Canyon bikes can only be purchased via the company’s own website. As a result, customer relationships are built and nurtured completely in-house. To keep up with the competition, however, Canyon has just announced the latest addition to the Aeroad series: the new Aeroad CF SL 7.0.

Aeroad CF SL 7.0

We welcome this new bike with open arms. It offers a fully assembled aerodynamic frame, and at €2,699 it can be yours for unexpectedly low price. So, what do you get for this? First of all, you get an aerodynamic frame, assembled with the latest Shimano 105 series, which is widely respected for its value-for-money. The new model also comes with 58mm deep wheels, which weigh in at 1.6kg. The wheels can easily tackle a large mountain in the Alps. Where many competitors go for disc brakes, Canyon chooses rim brakes for this model. There’s nothing wrong with that though; with a bike weighing in at 7.6kg, it can be stopped by rim brakes in no time.

The rims are set up with Continental tires. Canyon has used a 23mm tire for the front, and a 25mm tire on the rear wheel. These provide a great balance between aerodynamics and grip. The fork is also cleverly put together so the rake can be adjusted later—this influences the handling of the bicycle, so it’s a nice option. For example, you can ride both criteriums (with sharp turns) as well as long descents in the Alps on the same bike. Furthermore, the bike is available in ‘stealth black’ and ‘fade blue’. This latter colour scheme is the preference of, among others, Nairo Quintana of Team Movistar.

Female friendly

Canyon seems to want to appeal to a large target group with the newest line, including female cyclists. So, the German bicycle manufacturer has produced a female-specific version too, which is equipped with the same functions, features, and the same price tag as the men’s version. A great move by this unique company.

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