If you’re planning a long ride, you need to take stock of all that you should bring. This is especially true if you plan to be away for a few days, and you have to put everything you’ll need to camp and eat somewhere on your bike. Bear in mind, the coolest routes are not always paved. Sometimes you’ll be riding on a beautiful asphalt road, and a few hours later you’ll be climbing a mountain on gravel. You need a bike that can handle all of this — Canyon thinks it has found the answer with its Grail bike.

Ain’t no mountain high enough for the Canyon Grail

The Canyon Grail is made of aluminium and is therefore quite light and very comfortable. The handlebars are extra wide and help to manoeuvre bumps really well. At the same time, the bike is well-balanced and you can still brake easily. You can also rest your hands on the handlebars in different positions so that you can ride more effectively when dealing with headwinds.

Furthermore, there are lots of options for different bag combinations, utilising the different spaces on the bike. You can quite easily carry all your necessities with you. For example, one bag can be placed under your saddle, one bag at your handlebars and another on the frame. That way you can be on the road for a few days without having to worry.

The bike can be purchased in various configurations and sizes on the Canyon website. The cheapest model starts at €1,199, while the most luxurious version costs €4,499. And that’s without the bags. But it does make this a versatile bike that is optimised for a broad target group.