What does a carbon mountain bike frame look like before it’s assembled? This amazing photo shows all the different pieces of carbon fibre matting that are glued together to create the ultra-exclusive UNNO Burn enduro bike. The Burn is hand-crafted and designed in Barcelona, Spain, by mountain bike guru Cezar Rojo. Want to buy one? Start saving: the frameset starts at around €5,000, and a fully-equipped bike will cost you up to €8,650. But then you do get a work of art.

Very limited editions

But even if you are very wealthy, you will be lucky to get a Burn. There are only 50 bikes produced a year, to the highest standards of craftsmanship. The Burn has 27.5″ wheels, 160mm travel in the rear shocks, and took 2 years to design, test and finally go into production.

Made in Spain

UNNO is rather unique in the cycling world. Most bike brands actually get their frames made somewhere in Asia… UNNO however set up its own carbon fibre facility in Barcelona. The team therefore has total control of the manufacturing process, which the video below teases artfully.

Beautiful beasts

There are five ranges of UNNO bike (above is the hard-tail Aora), each tastier than the other. All UNNO bikes are mountain bikes, all look mean and masterful, and all worth checking out at the UNNO website. As they say: dreaming is free…

All photos: Unno Photo