CeramicSpeed is 20 years old, and to celebrate the occasion it’s doing what it always has done: making cool bike parts. Only now, the part is extra-exclusive!

From inline skates to bike bits

It all began 20 years ago, in the world of inline skates. The company’s founder Jacob Csizmadia, broke the 24-hour world record for inline skating. His secret? His self-developed ceramic bearings, which replaced the then-standard ball bearings. Two years later, he introduced his ceramic bearings to the world of cycling. A joint venture with Team CSC resulted in a debut for ceramic bearings in the Tour de France of 2001.


A new era in bearings

After the successful introduction of ceramic bearings into cycling, the company CeramicSpeed was born. From a production facility in Denmark, ceramic bearings were produced for a number of different applications. New, hybrid bearings were manufactured using technology developed in the Nasa space programme. This resulted in bearings which were 58% lighter than traditional bearings and between 30% and 50% faster.

Nowadays, CeramicSpeed has a very good reputation in professional cycling. Various teams use their oversized derailleur jockey wheels. But in addition to just bearings, the company produces sets of cycling clothes, wheel hubs and jockey wheels and their cages.


CeramicspeedExclusive Ceramicspeed bling

And it is within this latter product category the company has created its limited edition jubilee edition of its OSPW (Oversized Pulley Wheels) system (see photo at the top of the story). And, even though this is a jubilee edition, it’s the same price as the “standard” OSPW (shown above). We’re still talking about a derailleur cage with two cogs and which costs between €450 and €550: available for Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM.

If you feel that is not quite exclusive enough, there is a Victory Edition OSPW which costs around €1,950, features 3D-printed titanium and of which only 25 have been made (Tour de France stage winner Roman Bardet already owns one, by the way).

Interested in other CeramicSpeed products? Check out their concept shaft driven bike transmission, devoid of derailleurs entirely. (See also: A shaft-driven racing bike — look Mum, no chain, no derailleur!)