Cycling has a lot of rituals. We recently wrote about how most of our cycling heroes have a passion for coffee. Music is also a mainstay in cycling: you will often see riders wearing headphones while warming up for a (team) time trial. Some riders even play an instrument. So, what music does Chad Haga listen to during his warm up?

The rest itself (?)

Chad Haga may appear somewhat zen to the outside world, but the Team Sunweb rider has an interesting playlist that we’ve just got to share. It’s exactly what you need before a hard effort. A lot of the music fuels the pace—for example, the metal band August Burns Red is a solid choice to get in the mood right before a stage, according to Haga. Check out his entire warm-up playlist below:

After a hard stage, it’s time for something easier. Maybe some classical music, although it must also be entertaining for the soigneurs. Are you curious what Simon Geschke is listening to? Here’s a link to his playlist.