No, it’s not new. But the Multi-17 is still a classic. When you have a breakdown far away from home, a good multitool transforms into the most important of all bicycle accessories; it’s the friend you need to help you out of a tight spot.

Crankbrothers’ stuff simply works. This trustworthy Multi-17 tool has saved us on a number of occasions. The “17” refers to the number of individual tools—there’s also a Multi-19 that includes a couple more screwdrivers.

Weighing in at 168g, the M-17 includes a chain punch that actually works during a roadside chain fix (we’ve been there, but remember to bring along a spare detachable link otherwise it’s no use). This particular model only caters for 8, 9, and 10 speed chains, so 11-speeders should take note. Some say you can use this on an 11-speed chain, but this is not recommended as the link dimensions are different.

The usual set of Allen keys (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm) and screwdrivers are included, as well as a T25 torx key—although we have yet to find a use for that one. There are four sizes of spoke key on it too.

The great feature of this multitool is that it fits well in the hand, and does not compromise usability for looks—we think it still looks pretty good though. It works well under the stress of unwanted, unscheduled repair stops in the wilderness; getting us back on the bike as quickly as possible counts for a lot. Also, since this is not the newest model, you may even find them for sale at a reasonable price point.