Eternal love. It’s wonderful concept but, in reality, loving someone forever can be a challenge. Even if you try for perfection, a good relationship usually survives by making compromises. Of course, it would be great to share all of your hobbies with your loved one, but it doesn’t always work out that way; one of you has to give up or give in. For one retired couple, however, the hobby (and love) of cycling has been a delightful bonding activity for both parties.

Cycling wasn’t a spontaneous decision. Graeme Cox used to bike almost 80 kilometres to see Betty when they first started dating, in order to meet her after work. When their relationship got serious, he told her she too needed to buy a bike. Since then they have left the bus behind for good, and travel everywhere together on two wheels. Nothing stops them—not even the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Although this is a film from an English insurance company, we think it is too good not to share with you. Do you see yourself pedalling all over the world at that age?