Podcasts offer an additional layer of information that is not always picked up by the mainstream media. We have picked out a few bike-racing podcasts for you, and they’re certainly interesting if you either understand Dutch or are eager to learn.

These days, we can find a host of information about bike racing, such as the live transmissions of the important races on both TV and radio. These traditional media sources also offer interesting post-race analysis. But for those who are looking for more than the newsworthy up-to-date information, there is another media source on the rise: the podcast.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are often described as radio on demand (some call it phone radio). The concept is indeed similar to radio programmes; one or more people share their knowledge and experience in the form of a discussion, story, or explanation for the listeners. Podcasts are also often between half an hour and an hour long, so they’re only for the truly interested listeners. The great advantage, however, is that you can listen to them when you want to. Podcast episodes are often linked to trends or current events, although not always. Publication dates and times are also very variable, depending on each podcast. Luckily for us fans, the number of (ex-)professional bike racers sharing their experiences and insights about our beloved sport is growing by the day.

Popular podcasts on iTunes

Live Slow Ride Fast

The title of this podcast doubles as the life motto of Dutch pro rider and Team Sunweb road captain Laurens ten Dam. Although exclusively in Dutch, this podcast currently offers some of the most interesting behind-the-scenes information and chit-chat from deep inside today’s pro peleton. Ten Dam trains with Niki Terpstra and Eamon Lucas—Lucas is a semi-pro rider who lives in the shed at the bottom of ten Dam’s garden. The podcast’s concept is super-simple: the show’s host Stefan Bolt mentions a couple of subjects and Laurens, who likes to talk, waxes lyrical. Ten Dam is a straight-talking guy who shoots from the hip, and lives the life of his podcast’s title—one minute he’s talking about wattages during training, the next about barbecues, wine, and his own coffee brand. Great stuff if you are inburgering and learning Dutch, but forget it if you’re not an advanced student—LTD speaks very fast.



In THEMOVE you hear none other than Lance Armstrong alongside co-host J.B. Hager. Similar to Ten Dam, Armstrong watches racing through the lens of his own professional career. You won’t hear any revelations from his controversial past here, though. What is interesting, though, is his analysis of the tactics in latter-day racing. Occasional guest appearances by his former teammates such as George Hincapie also spark interesting and entertaining discussions.

Hager and Armstrong regularly look back on the interesting move of the day after recently-ridden stages. But listeners who look forward to daily retrospectives of the racing action will be disappointed: there does not appear to be any clear policy regarding the recording dates and it can become pot luck. Our advice is to get a good podcast app (such as Apple’s handily-named “Podcasts”) and set up alerts for the show.


De Rode Lantaarn

De Rode Lantaarn (literally translates as the Red Lantern, and refers to the French Lanterne rouge, the last rider in the Tour de France) is another excellent, but very Dutch-language podcast. Previews and reviews of most major stages by a couple of guys who really know their stuff. The main show anchors, Tim de Gier and Willem Dudok, present a show that is more like an entertaining chat in a bar with informed friends than a serious sports analysis. But they obviously know what they are talking about, which makes for a good balance of facts, fun, and informed analysis. Once in a while they invite a special guest for an extended interview. Recently an interesting guest was the Team Sunweb coach Aike Visbeek.

Plenty of interesting material to listen to while commuting—we’re considering working further away from home to be able to listen to more of this stuff en route!

One more thing…

The Prologue is a bilingual platform run out of the Netherlands, so we have placed emphasis on Dutch-language podcasts. There are plenty of other podcasts to choose from, such as the regular Rouleur show. This one’s rather British, with interviewees often speaking ludicrously fast for non-native speakers to understand. They do include a wide range of subject matter (just like the well-known Rouleur Magazine itself) with a recent edition ranging from head injuries to steel frame builders. The Cycling Podcast & Rapha is more for race fans, with excellent stories from inside the pro racing peleton by presenters Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie, and Daniel Friebe. They also speak a little more slowly….