Even hardcore cyclists are now starting to get it: sports e-bikes are getting really cool! E-bikes are for sale everywhere and while they are not all as fast as a speed pedelec, we are really starting to pay attention when we read “e-bike for sale”. Here are our favourites of the moment, in no particular order.

Sports e-bike, ready to Jam

With aggressive geometry, hardcore looks and the option to fix an external battery pack for long expeditions, the Focus Jam² Plus Pro is top of our list. The full battery capacity, with extra pack, is 756Wh. We can easily see ourselves charging across the countryside on this beauty. The price is slightly intimidating, at around €6,000, though we can instantly see the fun value of this off-road beast.


Focus Jam Squared Plus Pro E-bike

Road e-bike with panache

This one is a road racer with true panache, based on the looks of the classic Wilier Triestina bike. Weighing in at a mere 11.9kg, this head-turner has the lightest servo assistance on the market, according to the makers. It’s a great looker, to be sure. We would be quite happy letting rip on this sophisticated beauty for days on end. The price? Around €8,000 for the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 disc brake version, and half that for the Shimano 105 version.

Wilier Cento1 e-bike

Coolest-looking sports e-bike

This has got to be the coolest-looking e-bike on the market. It has 150mm Fox Nude forks, Shimano XT Di2 transmission, 27.5″ wheels and a Shimano Steps E 8000 motor with 504Wh of power. This one just looks like fun from the gun. At the high-end of the Scott e-bike range, the bike weighs in at nearly 23kg. Recommended retail price is around €7,000, though you can find it on offer for quite a bit less as a lot of people are apparently waiting to buy or upgrade to the latest models of e-bike in 2019.

Scott Egenius 700 e-bike

Italian stallion of e-bikes

This is like the Ferrari of e-bikes. This pure-bred Italian stallion from the Pinarello stable is billed as “the most innovative and stunning e-bike on the planet”. Well, it is pretty attractive, we admit. The Nytro weighs in at 13.5kg, including battery, and it’s also possible to remove the battery and ride unassisted. This brings the weight down to 9kg — but we can’t really understand why anyone would want to do this. The Italian motor hidden inside, called the Fazua Evation, is a gentle power plant which maxes out at 25kph. And will those delicious Pinarello looks, who wouldn’t want to try this out? Price? Think around the €6,000 mark, depending on the wheels you choose.

Pinarello Nytro E-bike