Sometimes you can begin an investigation into something where you think you already know what the answer is. Shimano, a case in point, recently researched something we all thought would be obvious: they wanted to see what the difference would be in terms of heart rate, body temperature and the amount of sweat between riding an electric and riding a push bike. And the result …?

E-bike riders have it easier

The result is indeed exactly what you would expect. When you take a seat on an electric bike, the workout becomes a lot easier. For the experiment, Shimano used six different test subjects who had to first cycle for 30 minutes in a room set at 28 degrees on a normal bike, and then repeat the same but on an electric bike.

On average, 350 ml less sweat was lost when riding on the Shimano Steps e-bike. In addition, average body temperature after the test on the electric bicycle was 0.9 degrees lower than on the push bike. And finally, the riders’ heartbeat was on average considerably lower with 63 fewer beats per minute. All of this is logical because cycling on an electric bike is simply a lot easier.

Shimano elektrische fiets

It’s not surprising. But that was not the reason for Shimano’s research. The brand mainly wanted to show that cycling to work does not always mean that you have to arrive exhausted from your commute and be sweaty all morning.

Although on an electric bike you (naturally) burn a lot less calories compared to riding a push bike, this is still better for you than spending a half hour in your car or sitting in public transport. So it’s not such a bad idea to buy an electric bike for your daily commute. And if you live far from work then maybe a speed e-bike is something to consider!