The moment in a triathlon race when athletes switch disciplines and get on their bikes is key. Triathletes do not want anything to go wrong—they want the transition to go as smoothly as possible. Bicycle accessories maker Fizik has been listening to their triathlete customers who wanted a cycling shoe that is both easy to get on and easy to adjust, even when energy levels are low and adrenalin levels are off the charts. The company’s answer? Keep it simple, and call it the Transiro Powerstrap R4.

Transiro Powerstrap R4

These new cycling shoes are especially designed for multi-sports. They are designed to pull on and fasten easily and quickly. And the are simple to adjust.

The closing system, which Fizik calls Powerstrap, is basically a double Velcro strap with a single ‘handle’ to pull both straps tight. The Powerstrap can also be locked into the ‘wide open’ position, ready for quick and easy foot entry.

Transition in triathlons

Transition, or the change between the different sports during a race, has been named ‘triathlon’s fourth discipline’. A good one can make all the difference to a racer’s performance, and psychological edge. The design of the Transiro Powerstrap R4 has therefore been based on feedback from athletes, as the shoe aims to help the athlete’s transition to the cycling discipline as efficient and fast as possible.

Feedback loop

That racer feedback lead to the addition of a large rubberised loop to the rear of the shoe. Triathletes often have their bikes waiting with the shoes already clipped into their pedals. They then pull their shoes on while mounting the bike. So the large loop on the Transiro makes it easier for the competitors to pull their shoes onto their heels while already in the pedals, while the Powerstrap makes it possible to tighten each shoe with one movement.

The uppers of the Transiro Powerstrap R4s have been designed using a combination of mesh for ventilation, and Microtex to provide solid support for the foot. The outer soles are made from carbon-injected nylon. They are available in two colour combinations: red and black; and black and white. The price? Around €119, which we think is pretty reasonable.

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