The latest shoes by the Italian company fi’zi:k, best-known for its saddles, are stylish and well-priced.

Tempo Powerstrap R5

The uppers on the Tempo Powerstrap R5 shoes are quite wide. This is great news for those of us who have been squeezing our feet into the infamously narrow footwear made by some of the more well-established cycling footwear brands—ahem, SIDI, ahem. Yet even if you do have narrow feet, it shouldn’t matter because of the Tempo’s nifty ‘powerstrap’ crossover elastic fastener.

According to the website this is a “ribbon” which wraps around the foot and, we have to admit, the design looks so obvious it’s interesting it hasn’t been seen before on cycling shoes. Simply using a diagonal grip instead of the traditional horizontal straps seems rather logical.

Sole power

The soles of the new fi’zi:k Tempo Powerstrap R5 shoes are made from “carbon reinforced nylon” which is stiff and, we suspect, keeps the price reasonable, whereas pure carbon fibre might well elevate the price. We think these good-lookers appear to be excellent value for money, priced at a rather decent €119 per pair.

For anyone who interested where the brand name fi’zi:k comes from, it is apparently “the phonetic spelling on the word physique, referring to the form or state of the human body.” So now we know…