Wine and cycling isn’t an instantly logical combination. A good glass of wine before you go out for a ride is not something we recommend. Nevertheless our sport does have a relationship with fine wines, and here are four interesting examples.

The bicycle is a powerful thing. It ensures that we get to our destination far more quickly than on foot, and we see beautiful things along the way. It’s no wonder then, that we love our bikes so much. The bicycle is a source of inspiration for many, including various viniculturalists (wine makers).

Arrogant Frog

We start off with a wine which is (sadly) no longer for sale, because it was released as a limited edition. This vintage was made in 2012 because the Tour de France passed through the winemaker’s vineyards in the Montagnac commune of Hérault province in France. In honour of the Tour’s visit, Arrogant Frog designed a series of labels featuring their famous frog mascot cycling through various scenes. A fittingly amusing approach by a brand which does not take itself too seriously.

Cycles Gladiator

The inspiration for this American label is the name of a Parisian Belle Epoque bike brands which used beautiful naked women with bikes as their logo. Some would say “those were the days”, some might disagree. US winemaker Adam LaZarre relaunched the brand in 2005. Their range has something from everyone: from Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, and Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.

Cono Sur Bicicleta

They also love bikes in Chile. The 2015 vintage Bicicleta by well-known chilean winemaker Cono Sur was the official wine of the Tour de France. We didn’t even know there was one. The grapes come from Chile’s Central Valley, and the labels feature classic bicycles. It is names after the bicycles the vineyard workers use to get around the vinyards.

Landlust Wine

This fresh, dry German wine is mixture of Grauer Burgunder (Pinot Gris) and Riesling grapes. This wine is a perfect aperitif but also very complimentary with Asian food. Not only that, but it’s vegan and organic! Cheers.