What do Pokémon Go and Google Maps have in common? Both apps make you itch to use your phone while riding around on your bike. However, from the 1st of June 2019 you will be at risk in the Netherlands of being fined for cycling with a phone in your hand—which is generally not a good idea anyway. For your own safety (and the avoidance of the fine) check out the FormMount phone holder as a good alternative.

Hold fast

The FormMount Phone holder attaches directly on to your bike. It comes with a special case for your phone that allows it to be firmly attached to the FormMount Phone magnet. Once set up, you can look at your phone to check cycling routes, or even have it monitor your physical activity.

And, yes, you can use it in many different ways whilst on your bike—for example, when you really want to play Pokémon Go. You could hypothetically put your phone on the FormMount and catch Pokémon while cycling around. Or, of course, you could respond to WhatsApp messages. Or: ‘Hey Siri…’

FormMount Ph

The risk is yours to take, so it is best only to use the FormMount Phone when you really need to check something out. You can decide whether you want to put it in portrait or landscape mode, depending on what is most useful for your situation. Do you want to know more about this cool holder? Then visit the manufacturer’s page. Excited to order? For about $60, it’s yours!