If you want to have a smooth and fast ride you need to have the right amount of air in your tires. For example, when riding on the road you’ll need quite hard tires, to be able to go fast and have less resistance. If you go off-road, you need less air in your tires to allow for a bump-free ride and more tire grip on the terrain. Carrying a pump with you can be really useful, but they are often a hassle and take too much time to use. The people behind the Fumpa, however, are attempting to solve that problem with their new bike pump.

The Fumpa is a useful pump

The Fumpa is a small and useful electric pump. Because of its size, it fits easily into a jersey pocket, or any small bag you choose to carry with you. The pump can fully inflate a tire in about 45s, without any physical challenge—not even a drop of sweat! It works with a built-in battery, which you can recharge at any time via a USB cable. It can inflate six tires on a full battery

The Fumpa weighs about 380g. If that is too heavy for you, then opt for the miniFumpa version. This weighs 190g, but also has a smaller battery, which can only handle pumping up two tires before it needs to be recharged. The larger version offers the ability to read how much pressure you have in your tires via the LCD screen, so you can make manual adjustments—a feature used frequently by professional cyclists, or by a person who wants to get the most out of his bike ride.

The Fumpa is for sale on the website of the manufacturer. If you want to purchase it, the Fumpa costs $179, or around€150.