The name “Peugeot” probably immediately invokes the car brand. However, this French company has a rich and varied history in product development: from watch springs and hand tools, to electric drills and kitchen equipment (yes, don’t forget the Peugeot pepper grinder), as well as the more well-known two- and four-wheelers. The brand’s roots lie in a wide diversity of products, and its heritage is something that the company still embraces.

Peugeot Design Lab

Company heritage is on display at the Peugeot Design Lab—a special endeavour launched in 2012. The Lab concentrates on projects outside the automotive industry, and one of those projects—bearing the name ONYX—has a whole range of products such as the ONYX Superbike Concept time trial bicycle. (Yes, there’s also an ONYX supercar…).

ONYX Superbike Concept

Stylish aerodynamics

Although most concept vehicles are often judged on looks alone, at Peugeot they haven’t forgotten how important aerodynamics is in bike racing. The superbike employs a number of cunning solutions, resulting in beautiful lines with minimal wind resistance. The narrow, clean lines of the frame also conceal a lot—all the cabling is internal, as are the brakes and the battery. Yes, a battery, but only to power the gear shifters, not the bike itself.

Close to hand

Not a single detail has been overlooked. Though the bike appears, at first glance, to have neither brake levers nor gear shifters, the buttons for these systems are integrated in the handlebars—the gear shifters switches are in the tips of the aerodynamic inner bars, and brake buttons in the outer bars. The wheel rims are 80mm high, which helps with wind resistance, although a solid rear wheel might have been a better choice.

We would certain like to add this bike to our collection, or at least run it through a test. But it’s unclear whether or not this machine will ever go into production. And, if it does, we’d be very curious to know what the price is. Thankfully, dreaming is still free of charge…