Although the world of bicycle accessories is flooded by all manner of bicycle lighting, the ideal bike light does not seem to exist yet. Companies are still bringing new ideas and forms of lighting to the market — some more successful than others — but the makers of the G-Light in particular are thinking out of the box in terms of form, function and .

Smart and simple bicycle light

This bicycle light is equipped with both indicators and brake lights. Although we have seen this before, the G-light is just a touch better than its industry predecessors. For example, its brake lights automatically come on when you’re slowing down, thanks to the built-in sensor measuring the g-force on the bike. All you have to do for this to work is install the light on your bike and ensure that the battery is charged.

Remote control

There is also an indicator function built in. This can be operated via a corresponding remote control and, thanks to the included handlebar mount, you always have this device within reach.

However, the added value of an indicator light quickly becomes a waste if you forget to turn it off. So the G-Light’s designers have also tackled this issue. A sound signal, like that in the car, would be mostly absorbed by surrounding noises and therefore not useful on a bicycle, so a built-in compass keeps track of when you have completed your desired change of direction. Once complete, the flashing signal light stops automatically — at least, if the turn is 90°. Whether this also works when you take less acute turns remains to be seen.

Different modes

Although most bike tail lights are obviously red, the G-Light comes in different colours and patterns. The choice is enormous: according to the makers there are more than 100 different modes to choose from. Naturally each mode has a different effect on battery life. In the most energy-saving mode, the rear light lasts about 40 hours — good enough for a big bike ride! You can make an order via the Indiegogo page.