The wild world of cycling is just getting wilder, as far as we are concerned. And as the racing season draws to a close, we take a small break to spot some of the lesser-known phenomena in the two-wheeled world that can be found on social media. #gottaloveit

(Photo above: Getty images)

Triathlon dismount at speed

Really one for the don’t-try-this-at-home collection! There are, however, some major skills being displayed here. Don’t show this video to your mother, or your children…

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Dismount at 25kph?! ??: @scott_triathlon

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What the frik?!?

We’re not sure what on earth happened here—a guy in a cow suit beating Slick Rick to the line. But sometimes the world of cyclocross creates unpredictable winners!

… and now for something completely different

One of the very cool bike shots taken by Berlin-based photographer Alex Hüfner. There are more here.

Dirt Squirts are go!

Start young, they say. Some great shots by @ogaram of mountainbike action during the Dirt Squirts race at the Yowie MTB race which took place at the You Yangs MTB park in Little River, Victoria, in Australia.