Having trouble motivating yourself to do a new workout in the gym or on your bike? Then Gymify could be something for you. It’s indoor cycling while you game. Or the other way around…

Those of us who ride our bikes to keep in shape have roughly two choices: either you get on your bike and ride past the beautiful scenery, or you get on the home trainer and simulate a ride. If the weather’s crap and it’s turbo trainer time, motivation can become a serious issue. You’re stuck in one location and are doing not much more than pedalling yourself stupid. Good for your fitness, but pretty boring. If this is the factor which is holding you back, then you may want to check out Gymify — a place where indoor biking just got a bit more interesting.

Training at Gymify’s launch location (in Amsterdam at Tussen de Bogen 51) is different. You’re still on a turbo trainer and pedalling yourself stupid, but you’re in a group and racing using the virtual cycling game Zwift. Within Zwift you can ride in different locations so you can choose between the hills and the flat, but you also race not only against the other people at Gymify, but all over the world.

Facing the facts during indoor training

This means that, for example, you can hand out in the peleton and then make a jump and try and escape the pack to win the race (Zwift even makes the ride a little easier for those who are drafting in the peleton). Playing a racing game like this is a great way to get your motivation going, especially if the weather’s bad. Also, Gymify also offers specific lessons if you are, for example, planning a biking holiday in the mountains. This is especially useful in the Netherlands — considering the lack of real mountains;)