Your bike is locked up securely. You enter the coffee bar, down a delicious espresso, and go back out. You look at your bike and your jaw drops: somebody has stolen your saddle! Bike thieves carry tools and, let’s be honest, with a 4mm and a 5mm Allen key you can almost dismantle a whole bike these days. This is where Hexlox come in: a clever new range of products to stop thieves with tools from stealing bits off your beautiful bike.

The Hexlox is a cunning gadget, sort of magnetic plug, that stops thieves from being able to insert an Allen key into the hole. You can only get the plug out with a special Hexlox tool, which also has a 3 digit personal code.

To protect you whole bike will cost around €72. This will buy you a set of Hexlox for wheels, headset, seat post, and saddle. This may sound like a lot, but if you have a carbon fibre seat post and saddle, with Zipp Firecrest wheels and unidirectional carbon handlebars with Di2 shifters on them, then it’s peanuts to protect them.

Lovers of vintage-style leather saddles will also see the advantage of this security system. Not only are such saddles expensive too, they are also moulded over time to the contours of your butt. Such a shame to lose such a friend.

In an utterly humourless video, the Hexlox Man in Cap tells a little bit more about the requirements of this (admittedly) ingenious security system.