We are fast approaching the end of 2018, and traditionally this time of year is known for its holiday season. It’s an ideal time to spoil the people you love with the best gifts — if you know what they like, that is. Do you have a cyclist in your group of friends, or are you a cyclist yourself and want some inspiration? We’ve selected a number of great gifts for you or your beloved bike enthusiasts.

Up to €10

Ass Saver Regular

Let’s be clear, if it rains during a training session, you’re going to get wet. And even when the sun is shining, if the road surface is wet and has puddles you could still be soaked by the time you get home. Until now. The Ass Saver Regular is a mudguard that you can clamp easily under your saddle in just seconds — ideal during autumn and winter training.

Up to € 20

My world — Peter Sagan

In a peloton of a hundred people, there will be a hundred different stories. This one is Peter Sagan’s. In the three-time UCI world champion’s recent autobiography, you can read all about what it is like to be in his shoes — including everything you have to do to get to the highest level in the peloton. You also come to know all of the challenges he had to deal with along the way. Lastly, we can read about how Sagan gradually lost his lust for fun in cycling (he even thought about quitting), and then how he reinvented himself again as a world-class cyclist.

People usually don’t write an autobiography before the end of their career, but Peter Sagan is no ordinary man. The book reads wonderfully, and gives us a peek into the character behind the world titles. A must-have for the cycling enthusiast.

Up to € 40


Although it is very useful, you won’t see many cyclists with a saddlebag. It just doesn’t look… fast. But if you’re going on a longer ride, it’s a good idea to carry more than just an inner tube in your back pocket. So, to keep things organised, there are different cases for your most important possessions. Do you too often find yourself lacking space for your multi-tool, spare tire, CO2 pump — plus cartridges — and some spare change? Then this is the accessory for you.

Up to € 50

Lezyne LED Lazer Drive

Safety is not for sale. But you can still do your best to stand out as a cyclist in traffic — for example, by mounting lights on your bike. Certainly during the dark months it is not a bad idea to use lighting, even during the day. The Lezyne LED Lazer Drive rear light however is perfect for both day and night lighting. Different modes ensure that you are visible under all circumstances, and as soon as it gets really dark, two laser beams project a line next to/behind your bike. Road users won’t be able to miss you with this light!