Most people who are seriously into bikes are familiar with the brand Rapha. This British company is most well known for telling great stories that feature its products, primarily clothing, and for the high quality and not-cheapness of everything carrying the name. If we had to name a technology company with similar character, Apple would certainly come to mind. The two brands have found one another.

A match made in heaven

This collaboration isn’t a coincidence; they have been courting each other for a while. Apple has been regularly promoting sports lifestyle in its commercials and with products such as the Apple Watch Sport. Also, both brands’ products carry a high price tag, are of high quality, and are status symbols.

Mini messenger bag

Every bag in this Rapha series has been designed to seamlessly transport your Apple products both on and off the bike, and to merge street and office functionality into one. The mini messenger bag is a good example of this concept: this small bag can either be clipped to the crossbar, or slung over your shoulder, and is aimed at the small stuff you carry between home and the office on a daily basis. It’s ideal if you ride to work every day and don’t want to lug a backpack around all the time. Also, if you own an older iPhone, then don’t worry because the fabric is waterproof.

Convertible Tote

If the mini-messenger is too small for you commuting ride, there’s always its bigger sibling: the convertible tote. It comes with a built-in MacBook sleeve (we think 13-inch maximum, but can’t find the specs on the website as they only quote iPad Pro compatibility) and a generous handle on the top makes it a comfortable bag to carry in one arm.

iPad and MacBook sleeves

It’s no secret that Rapha’s designers used Apple products to develop their new collections. The iPad Pro in combination with an Apple Pencil feature heavily in this product line. We’re guessing that either the designers featured their own preferences while designing these products, or Apple wants to push the iPad Pro more into the limelight. Either way, the Rapha sleeve for the iPad Pro with slot for the Apple Pencil has been born.

Tech Organizer Kit

Last but not least comes the Tech Organizer Kit. And, no, this is not for your bike tools, but is designed for carrying all the additional bits and bobs which you need to keep your tech running smoothly. I.e., your MacBook or iPad charger and cables, iPhone cables and so on. We think you might even be able to squeeze in an inner tube, compact tyre levers and a CO2 pump at a push. But that’s us.

Interested in any or all of these wannahaves? Be prepared to put your money where you mouth is. Only available through official Apple shops.