It is time for the Vuelta a España, the last Grand Tour of the 2018 cycling season. We know the list of participants and we can expect drama in a lot of ways. It’s not just about the standings, however: the Vuelta (a.k.a. Tour of Spain) is known for its many plot twists. In short, viewing pleasure is guaranteed. So what is the best way to follow the Vuelta (in the Netherlands)?

Live broadcast

Of course nothing beats a live broadcast on TV (or internet). You could watch The Tour de France every day live in the Netherlands and the NOS provided us with a livestream. But it will be different for the Vuelta. The NOS does not have broadcast rights to show the race live during the week. However, there will be a daily summary in the sports news. You can also catch an in-depth summary every evening at 23:30 on NPO 3.

Photo Courtesy: Cor Vos

The full course is being broadcast live by Eurosport. But if you are in the office, it’s hard to follow the game continuously on the big screen. The Eurosport app can offer an alternative, but there are costs involved.

Up-to-date at the office

A less obvious option for watching at work, for example, is the Tour Tracker application. This app highlights the whole Vuelta race. If you use the app you will receive live info and news about the entire race, including all of the stage profiles. In addition, it provides insight into all classifications, stages and the participating riders. The beauty of this application is that it covers all of the Grand Tours. So next year when you want to watch the Giro you are immediately in the loop!

Twitter as an alternative news source

If you already have a Twitter account, the platform is a great alternative to getting news quickly, because you can scroll down the feed, which is constantly updated. This is great! Although you need to make sure you are following the right account. The Vuelta has an official hashtag, #Vuelta2018. If you search for this and click most recently, you will be the first to know about the latest developments. Let the battle begin!