Only the most insane masochists actually enjoy interval training, but we all have to do it. Those of us who battle away in our pain caves have various tools, from ultra high-tech online virtual realities, to more basic aids. Here’s a useful back-to-basics app for old-school interval training.

Time to feel the burn

Yes, it’s just an interval timer app. But with high customisation you can create interval cycles and rest periods exactly as you want them, manipulating intensity, timings and colours. You can choose alarm sounds for when the high intensity intervals (i.e. pain) has to start. You can even link the app your own training music in the background — we have tailored our own playlists to accompany high intensity intervals and rest periods, but that is admittedly quite annoying.

Easy to use

The app itself is really simple to use. There are a couple of additional variables such as “new music track for each set” but that also gets annoying really fast — especially with short efforts, such as tabatas or 40-20s. Best just to stick your favourite upbeat house (or whatever) playlists and keep them running in the background.

There’s a calendar to record your efforts, but we don’t use that much, as this app is one of the many training gadgets: not the one and only.

The Zen-like simplicity of this app, compared with a lot of recent online developments for cycling training (which we do still love), can be welcoming for a bit of hassle-free variation. Basic stuff for basic training. There are literally hundreds of interval training apps on the market, and this is only a personal preference, but we have tried and tested quite a few and this one gets our vote.

Cheaper than a coffee

It costs less that the average caffè latte, something you can’t say about most online training gizmos these days. Just engage airplane mode, put your phone on the table near your turbo trainer, or clip it to the handlebars in a holder, and let the pain begin!