Some say the devil is in the detail. We think the opposite: it’s the details that make your bike even cooler to the trained eye. JRC is a brand-new (founded in early 2017), lightweight components maker, and they have a small but perfectly-formed range of specialist extras which will turn the heads of those in the know in your peloton.

Based in Cork, Ireland, JRC Components have a limited but tasteful range of snazzy bits for your bike. They offer three main gadgets: holders for Garmin navigation head units; quick-release wheel skewers; and derailleur jockey wheels. All of these come in a rainbow of the latest anodised colours to grab the eyes of the passers-by.

The Garmin mounts out-front are interesting as they do away with the standard clip that goes around the handlebars; instead mounting directly on to the two lower handlebar mounting bolts. (You get extra-long bolts and a spacer in the box.) This makes them particularly lightweight and elegant-looking. They cost around €24.95 a piece, which isn’t much more expensive than other after-market Garmin holders. But, as the name suggests, these are only for Garmin-branded head units and not other systems.

The JRC quick-release skewers are rather tasty, but also rather expensive—although we can’t work out from the website if they are €38.95 per pair, or per skewer, which obviously makes quite a bit of difference… Rumour has is they weigh a mere 44g a pair. Featherlight.

The same (lack of price clarity) applies to the very sexy psychedelic replacement derailleur jockey wheels (see above). The price is given as €38.95, which we predict is for a pair. These jewels come for most standard 11-speed Shimano or SRAM road or mountain bike set-ups and include sealed hybrid ceramic bearing to keep everything running smoothly. Aluminium jockey wheels replace the standard plastic ones and are said to last much longer, especially when the going gets rough and muddy. Interested? Check out their site for more deets, one of which is that shipping is free for orders over €50.