Is your dad a real cycling fanatic? Or have you forgotten to buy a present? Perhaps you’re a dad who needs to subtly inform the family what you actually want? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then we’ve got a list of inspirational goodies.

The ‘Heiko’ cycling shirt by PEdALED


PEdALED—a company that makes cycling apparel in Italy with idiosyncratic Japanese names. Though they recently launched a range of stylish womens’ cycling clothes, they also possess a musthave range of clothing for men. Most cyclists already have wardrobes full of cycling clothes. But probably nothing quite like this. We like.

Fly6 CE


Safety first. After essential protection, such as a crash helmet, it’s highly important to make yourself visible to other road users. Good lighting always helps, and even if you are primarily cycling during daylight, it can’t do any harm to make yourself extra visible. Cyclists are by definition vulnerable in traffic. The Fly6 CE is ideal for cyclists who ride in tricky circumstances—the Fly6 CE has a built in camera, for example. If you are hit from behind by another road user, then you’ll have them on film. It’s the perfect complement to the RF-1 bike computer! Interested? Check out their site.

Bike in a bag


Does the father of the house dream of a week’s training in Mallorca? He obviously needs a bike bag. No, not a saddle bag, but a bag in which you can transport the whole bike, plus some other stuff. When do you need it? Well, about once a year to transport your bike to a week’s training on a southerly island, for example. Not the cheapest gift, but after seven trips you will have broken even on the cost of renting one of these beauties. This one’s called the Savage and apparently has a patented roll cage. Convinced? Order one here.