For cycling lovers, riding is more than just a sport. It’s a way to relax, to express yourself, and can even be a way of life. There’s a community for every kind of cyclist, and when you combine riding, eating and drinking, the combination will certainly lead to an unforgettable day.

Laurens ten Dam must have experienced many muddy, rocky rides this to give him the idea for the LtD Gravel Raid. His new business idea is a cycling weekend, during which you get to ride alongside LtD himself, and aims to bring together those who love to ride.

‘Live Slow, Ride Fast’

The life motto of Laurens ten Dam is “Live slow, ride fast”. Which is also clearly his approach to his Gravel Raid weekends. While it’s the cycling that brings everyone together, the whole weekend creates moments of closeness by providing good food, drinks, coffee and music. Therefore sleeping won’t be easy, but there are enough options available for those who prefer not to sleep in a tent.

Ten Dam’s inspiration came from America, where he lived and trained for a year. While there he rode in so-called gravel endurance races: these races are about 160 kilometres long with around 3,000 meters of climbing. The routes are all on gravel roads in unknown territories. The organisers do timed sections along several parts of the route, but the races mainly about the celebration of cycling as a whole. This type of event is something that LtD wants to bring to Europe.

Well-thought-out plan

The plan for the weekend looks promising: there’s little chance you’ll be bored! On the Friday of the weekend, participants can arrive when the campsite opens at 12:00. The organisers provide several different routes for you to ride around that day. The festival area itself opens at 13:00, and dinner (prepared by professional chefs) is served in the evening. That night will end with a short briefing.

The early risers can start Saturday at 06:45 with an Early Bird Zen Session. Then breakfast is at 7:30 am to load up on fuel for the day. The start signal sounds at 09:00, and riders can choose to take either the 110 or 140 kilometre route. In the evening, when everyone arrives back at the campsite, there is a dinner and a big party.

The weekend officially ends on Sunday morning at 09:30 a.m.. But if you’d like, you can join LtD for another ride. And after that you can watch the UCI World Championships broadcast on a large screen at the campsite. So most riders may want to stay, even after the ride is officially over.


Sounds fun? We think so! Interested cyclists can register on the website for the weekend, which is on from the 28th until the 30th of September. For € 250, – you will have a fully catered weekend; you’ll just have to make your own travel arrangements, bring your own tent and, of course, your own bike. You can also register last minute on the day of the Gravel Raid itself. More information? Click here.