The last months of the year aren’t very fun for an amateur cyclist. It doesn’t get light until late morning, and is already dark earlier by the early evening. Good lighting is essential to continue training safely on the road during the winter months — however, there are a lot of options when it comes to bicycle lights. So, time for some real world experience! We took the Laser Drive, a tail light from Lezyne, on the road.

Laser Drive

Installing the Lezyne Laser Drive tail light is a piece of cake. Thanks to the sturdy attachment, the light fits to almost every kind of seat post, and a pre-formed slit of rubber at the back keeps the lamp perfectly in place on an aerodynamic line. Although it is not immediately clear which way is up, these doubts are quickly taken away as soon as you turn on the light: the two laser beams (hence the name) are intended to project lines down onto the road surface.

Visibility guaranteed

Although these two lines at first glance look more like a gimmick than a function, the added value is that they are only visible when the sun sets. Two clean lines project a so-called safe zone around the cyclist on the ground, and although they are thin beams, we feel it is enough to give the extra bit of visibility that many cyclists are looking for nowadays. It clearly emphasises your place as a cyclist on the road. To attract extra attention it is also possible to make the laser beams blink.

All around

But that does not stop there. Via the on/off button, which in combination with a saddle bag can sometimes be difficult to reach, it is possible to choose different light modes. The light offers nine different modes in total, so there is something for everyone. For example, there is an always-on position, where you can choose between three different modes (with corresponding battery life): Blast (2h30m), Enduro (5h) and Economy (15h30m). The four different positions of the flashing function last between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm — ideally, you can use this feature to ensure visibility during a long ride through the Alps for example. For daylight enthusiasts, there are two positions with a bright blink function. As a result, you will still be seen during a sunny autumn day.


So, this is much more than just a backlight. The versatility make this lamp interesting for both the semi-pro and weekend cyclists. Laser beams provide extra visibility and help mark out your spot on the road. The quality of the casing is robust and waterproof, but weighing in at 84g it is a bit heavy for a rear light — that may be the only thing you have to deal with when you purchase this all-round performer from Lezyne. The battery lasts between 2.5h and 19h, and is fully charged again within 2h via the micro USB connection. For someone who rides a bike in many different circumstances, it is worth the price of €50.