The days are getting shorter, and soon we will all be riding our bikes in the dark. The light will be dwindling both in the morning and in the evening, so it’s best to have a really reliable light on your bike. And so the people behind Lezyne have come up with something new, called the Lezyne Laser Drive, which ensures that you’re more likely to be seen as you cycle around in the dark.

Meet the Lezyne Laser Drive

The Lezyne Laser Drive, according to the manufacturer, is a compact rear light that projects two integrated laser beams onto the ground. With this rear light you are projecting your own bike path behind you, which should provide a safer way to cycle at night on the road. Your fellow road users will see you better and also be able to estimate from a distance how much space to give you in the dark.

Lezyne Laser Drive

The Lezyne Laser Drive has different modes, so you can also use it when cycling during the day. It’s a bit similar to daylight car headlights: during the day, the Lezyne Laser Drive gives you even more visibility in traffic and you will feel safer when you are cycling. Furthermore, the Lezyne Laser Drive is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a huge rainstorm. According to the manufacturer, it is simple to assemble on both a round and aerodynamic seatpost. If the light dims, you can easily recharge it via a micro-USB cable.

Lezyne Laser Drive

This new bike light is available on the Lezyne website, and has a suggested retail price of €59.99. Would you like to see some more cool gadgets for a better cycling experience? Check them out here.