The famous Lidl leaflet, featuring cycling gear, hit the streets this week. Bargains are only available this week (from Monday 25 June) in the Netherlands, so get down to your local Dutch store or check online. We can’t say anything about the quality, but a couple of the items appear to be just what we want/need. Great news for cyclists on a tight budget.



Women’s cycle shirt? A snip at €6,99

Workshop stand

One of those gadgets we often think about getting, but often find to be just too expensive: the workshop stand, with built-in tool tray. What cyclist doesn’t want one of these? Only those who already own one!

They say it only costs €25, we say: how?

Those cool bags appear to be only available online, but at €12 for a pair, these may be just what you need for that summer holiday tour

We guess there’s a serious “while stocks last” factor here, so here’s the link to the Lidl webshop for those who are quick.

Budget shades

And here’s the last deal we’re featuring: sports sunnies. Now, we know they’re probably not the best, but they’re certainly the least expensive bike glasses we’ve come across. So, if you’re on a budget but still plan on going up the Alpe d’Huez this year, these could be for you, at €6,99 a pair.