We all know Peter Sagan is multi-talented, and he’s gone and done it again. He’s now designed his own line of clothing, as well as his own logo. The new range of gear (naturally) is being put on the market by his team sponsor Bora-Hansgrohe, and is made by well-known clothing brand Sportful.

Peter Sagan’s unique style signature

You know he’ll make sure you look stylish. Perhaps you’ll even be as stylish as Peter Sagan himself, the guy who still manages to look great, even though he ignores virtually every unwritten rule in cycling. The concept behind the new kit is that it aims to reflect Peter’s unique personality and legendary cycling achievements: his victories in the classics and the green jersey in the Tour de France, which he has worn throughout six editions of the race. If you look hard, you may well see these references hidden in the designs.

Sportful Peter Sagan cycling clothing

Looking good on the bike

People who like a good set of cycling gear (that’s all of us, right?) are advised to keep a good grip on their wallets in Sportful’s webshop. The full Sagan line includes on-bike clothing, of course, but also a whole line of Sagan signature leisurewear as well. There’s a choice of two different designs of cycling shirts and shorts, each in two different colour schemes. The sets are also very comprehensive: socks, gilet, gloves and a cap all get the Sagan touch.

Sportful Peter Sagan shirt

“Art can take on many forms, even in sport,” says Sagan about his clothing line. The basic design is applied to the Sportful Body-Fit racing range. This implies high-quality gear, certainly for those familiar with the brand.

Sportful Peter Sagan bib

If you need some inspiration for Christmas gifts, here is the whole collection. The prices are around €80 for a shirt and €100 for bib shorts. And looking doesn’t cost anything, right? (For more winter clothing inspiration see: No such thing as bad weather — just bad clothing)