For most cycling fans, this is a familiar image: eight riders under the awning of the team bus, warming up for the race on their home trainers. It’s also not uncommon to see fans hanging around the buses to check out their favourite riders, which can be an unwelcome distraction. So, in order to keep concentration, riders often have their headphones on. Ever been curious as to what they’re listening to?

Martijn Tusveld

Martijn Tusveld is one of five young riders attracted by Team Sunweb in recent years. He’s now racing in his first Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain) as part of the Team Sunweb line-up. The team has its sights set on a good general classification for Wilco Kelderman, who achieved a great time in the individual 8km time trial (officially called a ‘prologue’). But Tusveld also stood out: just 28 seconds behind the fastest rider, he was placed 22nd.

It’s clear that Tusveld is talented and can rank well at the highest level. Perhaps it’s the music that he listens to during the warm-ups? Well, if not, by listening to his playlist (below) we can at least understand where his motivation comes from:

The sports mentality of Martijn does not come completely out of the blue. His grandfather, Harry Tusveld, played football for years at the highest Dutch level. Curious about what music Simon Geschke is listening to during his warming up? Check his playlist here.