Bags fitted to your bike are not longer taboo. For a long time everyone on a racing bike had to look like they were riding in the Tour de France. But now we have the gravel bike scene. This adventurous riding concept is all about getting off the beaten track and having all your gear with you. Enter Nigel, the oddly-named bike packing handlebar bag by Canadian company Porcelain Rocket.

Nigel is small but well-formed

The hand-made Nigel bag is designed to hang off dropped handlebars. It’s made from seam-welded fabric, which is very waterproof, and it’s roll construction means it’s easy to access those smaller items you want to pack away but have near to hand. Think gloves, think snacks, or a light rain-jacket, or your mobile phone.


The bag has a stiff back-piece which keeps Nigel rigid on your handlebars. The roll-top design make it easy to access and get your stuff in and out. If you prefer to be able to ride with your hands on the top of the bars, like many do: Porcelain Rocket (who thinks of these names?!) supplies a foam spacer to allow finger room on the bars.

Grab and go

The foam spacer (shown in the above photo) also serves to cushion any cables on your bike which may otherwise pinch behind the bag. The elastic “bungee” clasp is clearly designed with cyclists in mind. It can easily be operated with one hand, perhaps even while you’re on the move.


The simple, understated style of the Nigel bag is appealing for anyone who wants a relatively small stashing spot on the handlbars. The bag has a maximum volume of 4.5 litres, and weighs 250 grams.

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