A new strap-and-go fender from the makers of the famous Ass Savers.

Most serious bike riders these days have at least one Ass Saver in their armoury. The short, plastic mudguards which clip under your saddle to catch the rear wheel spray and (surprise) save your ass from getting wet, have become a standard piece of equipment, even in the race peleton.

Ultimate protection

The new trend of gravel riding offers more muddy challenges, but these are now catered for with a brand-new product: the Mudder Mini. This strap-on front fender is especially designed to protect your bike (particularly the headset bearings) and your face from splattering sludge if the adventure biking gets a little soggy.

The fork-leg mount fits all sizes of forks, the blurb says, and the price point is a very reasonable €12, especially if you’re running a pricey bling-bling headset.

You can find the Mudder Mini here.