Mavic is primarily known for the iconic neutral service vehicles, which ride behind the riders during the Tour de France. But in addition to being sponsor and supplier of equipment for professional bike racers, they also have a wide range of product for normal riders. And that includes the My Mavic app.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is an important factor in all aspects of cycling. While many riders stick to one pressure, the pressure the pros use depends on the weather, the surface they are going to ride on, and the weight of the rider.

Thanks to the My Mavic app you can now calculate the best pressure for each of your rides. By filling in what your goals are (‘performance’ or ‘comfort’), or what type of tyres you are running (‘tubeless’ or ‘tubular’), weather conditions, and other significant information such as your weight, you get a tailor-made recommendation for both rear and front tyres. Ideal if you’re not sure what pressure to run, but also if you are curious as to whether your standard pressure is oddball.

Wide or narrow?

If you’re not sure which width tyres you should run these days, My Mavic also offers some interesting suggestions. The app gives specific tyre width recommendations, based on your riding goal and circumstances (do you want to be aerodynamic, or ride on rough ground?). For example, wide tyres for riders who prefer comfort and narrower rubber for those seeking the best aerodynamic advantage.


The Mavic app does not recommend products made by Mavic itself, nor other manufacturers, and therefore appears at least to be an impartial adviser—just like their neutral service in the Tour. So, are you still seeking the optimum tyre pressure, or weighing up the pros and cons of 25mm versus 28mm tyres against old-school 23mm? The app is available to download free of charge for both Android and iOS.

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