Finally, a range of cycling apparel designed specifically for women who like to ride fast, look good, and stay comfortable. As women’s cycling gets more and more attention worldwide, more women are buying racing bikes and finding out how cool it is. And now it appears clothing manufacturers are catching up; PEdALED has just taken the lead and launched a line of clothing especially for women.

PEdALED, a clothing company that provides clothing for UK-based racing team JLT Condor, has just launched a full range of cycling apparel. The clothing is “designed to provide the best possible transaction between a woman’s body, her bike and the road, and to support cyclists from all over the world during their adventures on two wheels.”

PEdALED is a mail-order clothing company based in Italy—where they sure know a lot about clothing, style, and cycling. Many of the PEdALED’s products have Japanese product names (we don’t quite understand that, but it is cool). But, be prepared, this kit is not cheap. The Tsuki bib shorts, designed for everyday rides, will cost you €180. Not a bargain, but good cycling shorts are absolutely necessary for people planning to ride long distances; comfort in the saddle zone is fundamental to enjoyable riding.

Japanese style, Italian-made

The Kawa Essential jersey shown below is €125. But anyone who plans to be on the bike all day knows that if your kit is good, the kilometres just melt away. And, as every Italian knows, style doesn’t come cheap.

Detail of the Kawa Essential jersey

The full range is ten clothing items, from a base layer through to a lightweight jacket and even special sweat-wicking socks. This range is a welcome addition to the growing market for cycling apparel. So, if you’re a woman who takes her cycling seriously, then perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Check out PEdALED. (They do mens’ clothing too.)